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If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us on the details provided below or alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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William Calokerinos, Mediator


William Calokerinos, Barrister


Briefed by a Solicitor

The most usual way I am briefed as a mediator or barrister is by a solicitor. The payment of my fees and the necessary fee disclosures are all organised through the solicitor.

Briefing me direct (Direct Access)

These are called the ‘Direct Access Rules’.  I can be briefed as a barrister on a ‘direct access’ basis only in the following circumstances:

  • non-litigious matters such as giving advice or seeking rulings;
  • tax disputes in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT); and
  • by Corporate Inhouse Counsel acting for a corporation.

If you brief me on this basis, there a few more formalities to go through.  

This is not hard though. I will send you a letter (probably by email) confirming the brief and these disclosure requirements – attaching the standard terms and other more standard disclosure. You can then accept this offer in the way set out in the letter – usually by just continuing the brief, or by confirming agreement – for example, by return email.